If you are a person who loves the planet, love helping others and share a similar frame of mind that us then join us now! - Content Creator Partner Programme

You can earn extra money by recommending to people sustainable products.


    It’s super simple. All you need to do is apply here, provide your information and name of your social media.

    On us providing you with a personalised promotional code for you to share with your followers. For every sale made with the provided promotional code we will then give you a commission of the sale, percentage to be agreed. It’s as simple as that! Become an Influencer Partner!


  • Enjoy 5% to 12% commission
  • Unique Code Promotional
  • Average order value of £75
  • Comprehensive product feed.

What happens next?

    It usually doesn’t take us very long to approve your application – within 24 hours. And once you’ve got your code promotional, you can start promoting Intiquilla and earning commission right away.

    If it’s been over 3 days feel free to send us a message email.

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